About this training course

$195 for RISI. $410 for RISI & Onsite Medical. Same day training, close to Burwood Station. Rail Industry Safety Worker Induction (RISI), also known as Accessing the Rail Corridor (SX52), includes the nationally recognised competency of TLIF2080 (Safely access the rail corridor) designed for workers who are required to perform work in the rail corridor. It provides an understanding of rail terminology, basic signalling indications, rules and regulations for people working in the rail corridor, knowledge of a safe place, electrical safety, personal & legal requirements of fatigue, drugs and alcohol. NOTE – Following successful completion of training, you must apply and be issued with a RIW card before working in the rail corridor.Full details of the requirements can be found by clicking HERE. We are an approved training provider for Transport for NSW, and are licensed to deliver Safely Access the Rail Corridor for work in the TfNSW realm covering Sydney Trains, NSW Trains and Sydney Metro areas.

Requirements for this course

  • Complete a Category 3 Medical Certificate (as a minimum) from an authorised medical practitioner. (Locations of Authorised Medical Practitioners can be found HERE)
  • Have adequate core skills of being able to learn, read, write, take part in oral communication and numeracy
  • Learning Language And Numeracy (LLN) skills embedded in this unit of competency e.g. learner’s will be required to report verbally, relay and discuss information, identify hazards, read safety signs and procedures

RISI/RIW Pricing:

The following cost options are available:



RISI Training package includes onsite medical


Participants will need to provide page 3 of the signed Cat 3 medical assessment when applying for/updating an RIW card (see applying for RIW card). With either option, participants must pass the Category 3 Medical assessment prior to applying for an RIW card Ideally this should be done before training is done.
On Completion For Participants deemed competent after assessment we issue a Statement of Attainment in TLIF2080 (Safety access the rail corridor). Applying for RIW Card In order to received an RIW card, participants must upload their Statement of Attainment together with page 3 of the signed Cat 3 medical assessment onto the Pegasus Onsite System.


Requirements on the day

Provide an original document with Photo ID (e.g. passport, drivers license, student card) on the day top confirm identify Bring a pen and wear comfortable clothing

(Please specify if training or combined training & medical is required)

You will receive an information email with Enrolment Form and course overview.

Please also include USI number. If you don’t have a USI you can create one by going to this link (