About this Training Course

We are an approved training provider for Queensland Rail to deliver Lookout working. Lookout Working is a method of protection used by Competent Workers to carry out limited work on track without a formally issued work on track authority. Lookout Working is where Lookouts are used to keep a continuous watch for approaching rail traffic. On sight of approaching rail traffic, the Lookout must be able to warn the workers in time to allow them to react to the warning and move themselves, their tools and materials to a safe place before the rail traffic arrives.

Course Details

This Training includes the national unit of competency
TLIF2081     Perform lookout duties
and refers to; Queensland Network Rule QR 3013 and Network Procedure QR 3014

Price: $240

Requirements on the day

Provide an original document with Photo ID (e.g. passport, drivers license, student card) on the day top confirm identify Bring a pen and wear comfortable clothing

(Please specify if training or combined training & medical is required)

You will receive an information email with Enrolment Form and course overview.

Please also include USI number. If you don’t have a USI you can create one by going to this link (