Terms of Use

Terms & conditions

1. POLICY STATEMENT Participants must make themselves aware of the fees and charges associated with enrolments in a course at Swetha International Pty Ltd prior to enrolling into a course. If you are assessed as “Not yet competent” on your first attempt at the assessment following the training, you will be given one (1) other opportunity to demonstrate your competence. If you are still not successful after this you will need to reenroll, pay another standard course fee and repeat the training and assessment for the course. Prior to commencement of training, participants must make themselves aware of the minimum requirements to attend training and complete the applicable assessment. Unless otherwise specified, fees cover the cost of training, assessment and issue of Statement of Attainment/Training only. 2. ENROLMENT All students must complete a Swetha Training enrolment form and receive a confirmation of the time, date and location of the training. Where courses are not fully subscribed for a specific training session, or if trainers and/or venue becomes unavailable, Swetha will reschedule that training with two days notice and persons enrolled in that session will be able to book an alternative training date. 3. PRE REQUISITES Any prerequisites will be identified in the material relating to the specific course. In addition to any specific prerequisite most of our training courses will require you to demonstrate adequate English language skills. If you are unable to demonstrate that you can communicate effectively in English and have the appropriate literacy levels to participate in this program you may be required to complete a simple language, literacy and numeracy test. 4. FEES AND CHARGES Notification of fees and charges Swetha International Pty Ltd will ensure that fees, charges and refunds are collected and administered in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislative and contractual requirements.
  • a) Students are also informed that our fees and charges are subject to change, which will also be published on the Website.
  • b) Students who wish to enrol in a course are required to read and understand the Fees, Charges and Refund Policy before enrolling into our course.
5. PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS Unless agreed otherwise (ie payment is to be made by invoice), Swetha International Pty Ltd require that all fees be paid by the nominated time and prior to commencement of training. Payments are to be made by direct bank deposit or by EFTPOS. Cash will only be accepted at our main administration office at Burwood BEFORE TRAINING DAY. Cash will not be accepted by our trainer on training day. Please note that Statements of Attainment will not be issued until any outstanding fees are paid. 6. REQUIREMENT FOR TRAINING DAY To attend training on the day you must:
  • Have confirmed enrolment details and paid the course fee
  • Bring a pen to take notes and complete the assessment
  • Provide a government issued photo ID (driver’s license etc).
  • Wear appropriate clothing to be able to perform in group activities and demonstrations
7. ASSESSMENTS and STATEMENT of ATTAINMENTS (SOA) Where applicable, SOA’s will be posted to the student’s address as given on the enrolment form within 10 business days of successful completion of training. 8. REFUNDS No refund of tuition fees will be made after the student’s scheduled course commencement date. Students of Swetha International Pty Ltd are entitled to a full refund of course fees if the following occurs:
  • The student has given a clear business days’ notice before the nominated training day. If less than one full business day notice is given an administration fee of $30.00 will be retained.
  • The course is cancelled by Swetha International Pty Ltd for any reason
  • The student has medical, hardship or another extenuating circumstance which prevents their attendance. The RTO Manager will assess applications for these circumstances on a case by case basis
  • The RTO Manager is of the opinion that the course has not met the reasonable expectations of the participants.
Note: Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the RTO Manager as soon as practicable and should include any relevant documentary evidence. Refunds will be processed within 28 days after receiving the student’s written request and made to the payment source, i.e. Directly to the student or the student’s nominated agent. Students can appeal refund decision as per The Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedures as set out in Item 9 below. 9. COMPLAINTS AND APPEALS PROCEDURE
  • All complaints/appeals should be forwarded in writing at the earliest possible opportunity to Managing Director SWETHA INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD.
  • The Managing Director of SWETHA INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD may delegate responsibility for the resolution of the complaint/appeal as required.
  • In all cases the final conclusion will be endorsement by the Managing Director of SWETHA INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD .
  • The student/stakeholder will be advised in writing of the outcome of their complaint.
  • If the outcome is not to the satisfaction of the student, they may seek an appointment with the Managing Director of SWETHA INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD .
  • The Managing Director of SWETHA INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD’s decision will be final. The student has then the option to seek outside assistance to further pursue the complaint.
  • All grievances and appeals will be handled as “In-Confidence”.