Looking for a White Card Training in Australia? Wondering how this training would be beneficial in shaping your career? We value your money and your dream of empowering yourself in the construction industry. Thus, we strive to influence better professional progress by providing best possible information on this training and its consequent benefits after earning it. White-Card-Training What exactly is White Card Training? It is one of the popular professional courses in Australia. This training provides practical and theoretical training on health and safety requirements corresponding to construction industry. It is necessary to possess a White Card Training certificate in order to work in the Construction Industry in Australia. It is an occupational health and safety course that any real estate individual is likely to do for better work and progress. What are the knowledge & skills that this incredible training confers?
  • Complete information regarding effective response against any unprecedented incidents and emergencies. This includes fire safety management, evacuation in emergency & first aid measures.
  • Efficient ideas related to construction hazards, role of WHS committees & their representatives. This is very much important for any individual working in a construction site.
  • Relevant knowledge on applicable WHS legislative and safety necessities mandatory for construction work. Moreover, people are also enriched with the ideas of morality, integrity, and coordination highly necessary in p[profession.
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